Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School ~ My Baby is a Senior!

My son is a senior! I was home today, (his 2nd day of school, but we have off) so I got to see him leaving, driving to school, no more school bus! I had a similar feeling when he went to Kindergarten, very melancholy, that was the start of his school years with mommy and this is the end! We had a few rough patches but so far we got through it all. Now College applications start and another part of his life begins, slowly separating from home and getting out on his own. The time flies so quickly and I can't say that enough, make sure you take time in between to smell the flowers, take long walks, hug your kids and don't worry so much about the toilet not being flushed lol Another era in his life means another one in mine as well,( oh wait, I still have the 9 year old lol)

What a whirlwind these last few weeks have been. I am so glad to have today and tomorrow off, just to gather myself. I still have plans for everyday but at least it will be relaxing. The business is going well so far, I will try my hardest to keep the momentum going. I am in the process of searching for people who I believe can do the business well to be my partners, so far I have a few prospects and one ready to come on board! These are exciting times and I will keep you guys posted! I am reading a book about the first year in Network Marketing and it says to stop researching and get to work lol, but I am still going to finish it! I am working too, just at my own pace, strong and steady!

I have no pictures of projects just yet, I made a few cards but nothing post worthy, as soon as I do, I will get on here with them!