Monday, April 19, 2010


I just ordered my camera battery so I am hopeful that I will have something to show you soon. I do have some news though for whoever is reading....I have decided that May will be my "No Spend Month". I will budget a certain amount for gas and minimal for food ( we will have to be creative with what's in the house) and I vow not to spend anything on impulse purchases for the entire month! That means no going to Target and only getting things that are necessities. I will of course have to share this with the kids, Jordan I don't foresee having a problem, Colby on the other hand will take some adjusting. The hardest sell will be myself. I am confident that there will be nothing I absolutely "need" but I am sure I will find a lot of "WANTS" It is Jerry's birthday month but I am sure he will understand (right honey?) he is the one who has made me the budget conscious girl that I am(aspire to be) after all! During this month I will track my spending by the week, of course I will pay household bills, insurance,credit cards etc... this is purely the "other" spending that I am curtailing. I am hopeful that it will make me appreciate (and use) what I have.
Wish me luck! I will BBL with some pics, (as soon as my battery charger gets here!)

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