Saturday, February 20, 2010

LaZy SatUrDay

Have you ever had one of those days that you just can't seem to get it together. Well today was that day for me,a busy week and a busy Friday lead me to a relaxation Saturday! I didn't even go outside. The BF that I have been seeing for almost 10 months now asks me, "do you ever have a day that you just stay in?" LOL I guess we need to start spending some more QT together so he REALLY gets to know me... I was like you don't know? SMH he is so cute...adorable really! LOL
We have also decided we were going to start talking in text lingo more, just because we are silly. I told my son and he said who does that? LMAO so if you have any ideas LMK so I can step up my game. By the way, here is a picture of my BF, he is amazing

He only gets this way when he is happy jk .....ROFLOIHM
OK enough silliness for now, I am going to finish up some projects and I hope to BBL to post some pics for you.
BBFN~ Smoochers

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