Friday, October 30, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Awarness Blog Hop(e)started by Michelle - Thanks Michelle!
Thanks for stopping by, this is my first hop and I am glad to participate, just hope I get it all right!

We lost a very close friend of the family to breast cancer a few years back, she was such a special woman with a bright smile and was always so pleasant to be around. You wouldn't even know she had cancer (she never let it stop her from living life) if you didn't know her personally. She was one of my mom's best friends and I know she misses her so much. We have to keep supporting the fight against this deadly disease that takes too many of us oh too soon.
We miss you Bobby, but you will forever remain in our hearts.

I got some new goodies from my SS and I could not wait to play with them! They coordinate so well with my PTI friends paper and I have been wondering what to do with this print. Well my very generous SS got me the hibiscus paper and buttons from PTI so in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, I made this an all Pink project.
These are mini note pads, which will come in handy for list making, grocery lists or holiday shopping. I was given one a while ago and love it! PTI had a free template so I took this opportunity to complete a project I had been putting aside for a while.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Card Tin

Hi guys,
It has been a veryyy longgg weekend. Jordan is better, a lot better, in fact , she has a cough but that is it, thank God she is ok, that was a scare. She even went on a trip today with her Girlscout troop to learn how to make candy, she had fun and of course came home with lots of goodies. While she made candy I went shopping. Of course my new motto is only buy things I can justify a need for, especially if it is over $5, you would be surprised how much you save doing that.

Well today I am posting some of things I finally completed after much thought. This card tin will be sent to a SS for a swap I am in,( I dount she reads here so it is ok :) ) I am going to try to get a nugget tin in the same colors done by the end of the week, and then perhaps a notepad or something in coordinating colors. I hope she likes them. Here is the card tin

Next, is a card I made from the card swap group I am in, hope you like it, it is inspired by a Thank You card I received,I probably should not have taken the picture on my granite counter top but too late now ~ I love this:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home Sick

Well it is flu season and that sneaky, cluster of germs may have snuck into my home. I have never been a big "shot" fan so I avoid getting them like the plague. I didn't get my kids the shot either and now I am feeling a bit guilty. Jordan has been the first (and hopefully the last) in my home to succumb, she was sent home sick yesterday and today it's mommy and Jordan time, in the way she certainly did not want it to be. She is up in the bed, too weak to get up to eat, I am hoping this is not the flu and just a passing bug. We will find out when we get to the doctor this afternoon. She was fine yesterday, so I was shocked to get a call from her school nurse, who informed me that several kids are home with a fever. This leaves me with my advice to ALL. If you are sick and have any kind of bug (virus) that can be spread, please stay home!! That means anything other than allergies, if you are coughing, sneezing, fever, please do us all a favor and stay home until the bug has passed, if we all did that, less people would be effected and we would have a healthier school, office or wherever your daily journey takes you.
On another subject, my drive to import my photos has gone mysteriously missing so I cannot share any of my recent creations until it is located. I am not happy about that, Colby of course is the only one using this computer frequently ( and I mean frequently), but of course has not seen it! What is that about??? I am counting down the days of HS and can't wait for him to begin is College experience, I think I am more excited about that time for him than he is LOL
Well, I am on a hunt for my drive and going to check on my baby. I am hopeful that I will be online before three weeks have passed again!