Thursday, September 24, 2009

Its been a while

OMG it has been almost 20 days since my last post and I still have no new creations to show, well I do have some cards but I will post them later, I can't put off just saying hi for one second more. Life has been hectic as it always is in September, at work and at home. Things are just starting to get back to some sense of normalcy and it is almost October.
Family update: Colby did not last long in Catholic school, he was borderline depressed so I figured I would take him out of his misery for his last two years of HS and let him go back to RV. That change is happening next week. Everything else is chugging along. I have many projects on my to do list that need to be completed and for one, painting the basement. I think by the end of October I will have a color picked out (you didn't think I was going to say I should have it done by then did you? lol) I am guessing the end of year it will be done, that is if Jerry helps me every weekend (Hi Jerry :) - he is one of the 8 people that read my blog from time to time). Jordan is cheering and dancing and scouting, Colby is just sleeping lmao and I am the new taxi.
I watched the biggest loser this week and I will try to follow it this year, I think I prefer that to the skinny girls in skimpy clothes dancing with the stars. As I was watching the Biggest Loser, I didn't feel so big after all, it was a morale booster as well as a motivator to get moving so that I never ever qualify for that show! God bless them all for trying to make a life change, I know how hard it is.
I just wanted to stop in and update my page and let you all know that I am still here, my craft habit has been put to the side but I am still buying the latest and the greatest supplies so I will be ready soon to show you something. I also got a bind it all for my birthday so as soon as I figure out how to use it, I will make a wonderful book to show you all.
Until Later.......Roni

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Colby's 1st day at Camden Catholic

I have to post my son's back to school picture. Although he looks like a man he is still and will always be my little boy. I remember his first day in Kindergarten and how he chased me to the door wanting to come home with me. Now this is another milestone, his first day in a Catholic School (this should be an interesting year) this picture was the dress rehearsal, he tied his own tie lol....

although dad showed him how to tie his tie, I couldn't let him go to school like that, so after some touch ups from mom, this is how he left the morning of.... (granted he was not happy about me taking his picture outside in front of the house....but I had to, it was a once in a lifetime event :) A scrapbook moment that I will add to his scrapbook that one day he will treasure and share with his children. I love this kid !!! How could you not, on top of the good looks, he is such a sweetheart.
Enjoy your back to school moments, Jordan's is Tuesday, I will back with some candids of her later!