Friday, August 7, 2009


Happy Friday again and now I am on my summer break. I am off for 11 whole days! I expected to have something to post but I only completed two out of four of my cards for a recipe swap of which I cannot share for fear that my secret sister will peek on my blog and see them. I have yet to complete any cards but since I have no life, I will be home once again on Friday night and I will create some cards (if there are no good movies on or no good HGTV shows). I shouldn't say I have no life, I have a wonderful 8 year old that keeps me company so much that I need a break every now and then. She is out playing with friends and has a busy weekend planned of which ends at grandma's house (me doing the happy dance).
Today, I did something I never have done before, and that is (drum roll please)... I went to the movies by MYSELF! I so wanted to see Julia and Julie and I was in the area and had the choice to go to AC Moore, of which I literally NEED NOTHING, so instead I spent my $10 on a movie that I wanted to see (smart right?). I can't believe a movie costs $10, would I be showing my age if I said" I remember when".... a movie was $1!! I am old! I also remember going to the drive in movie, that was so fun and my kids don't even know what that is (so sad for them)! Some things should come back and drive in movies is one of those things. However, the kids these days probably should not have the privacy of a car when watching a movie (eek)
I fulfilled my promise to self that I would post at least weekly... we gotta start somewhere right? I will try to get back on tonight or tomorrow with some cards for you.
Until then......Hugs!

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