Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend fun!

I have been away at LBI for a few days and have not been online nor have I been crafting. Today I was shopping and paying bills, which determined that I should not be shopping! I should have paid the bills first then I wouldn't have gone to the store at all!
I did get some good deals though, so I am not complaining.
I have a few pics from our beach trip to share (no bikini's yet!) If you notice my dear daughter Jordan has managed to get in almost every picture! How did that happen? We stayed at my friends family summer home, it was a nice relaxing weekend. The beach weather was great! Jordan stayed in the water most of the day. My Godson, Peyton, also in the pics, is still afraid of the water but I know he will be a beach boy soon enough, I can see him surfing in about 10 years.
Tomorrow, I will be back at work, back to the grind for 3 days and then hopefully another Summer fun filled weekend. I am not ready to say summer is almost over, I am still enjoying each and every minute.
Going out for our summer night walk, will try to have at least a card to post for you tomorrow!

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