Monday, July 20, 2009

Power walk and Power wash Monday

I had a very full day today and got a lot accomplished. I started by going to the gym and running which quickly turned into a powerwalk. I thought I would ease into the jogging thing so I wouldn't embarrass myself by passing out on the treadmill, so I ran 1/2 mile ( a friend told me to start small and go 1 mile- are you kidding me?) I realized halfway through the half mile that I was panting heavily and wondered if the people nearby could hear my heavy breathing ( I had my ipod on so I had no idea how loud I was). The guy next to me kept looking at me, I thought perhaps I was disturbing him, but then I realized I didn't have my sports bra on (oops). Anyway, I did jog the 1/2 mile and then quickly reverted to a power walk, (I didn't want to look all wimpy in the gym) after another 15 minutes of power walking I figured I would give it another go and run to finish it off. I started sweating profusely and almost tripped on the treadmill,( I was favoring my right side) I played it off like I wanted to do it -( yeah right) and resumed my power walk. Afterward I lifted for another 45 minutes (OK perhaps it was more like 30 minutes) My plan is to return to the gym at 6 am to start day 2, I will fill you in on how that went tomorrow.

The gym gave me so much energy I came home and decided it was the perfect time to powerwash the steps to my walkout basement. The grass goes down there and they were literally green from the grass gunk, it was disgusting. They look 1000% better after 2 hours of hard work on my part. My son saw me covered in green gunk and water when I was done, I looked a sight and this was the dialogue, (keep in mind he has been sleeping all morning as I am out being superwoman);

Colby: (looks at me with disgust) what is that all over you? did you fall in the mud?

Me : The steps look 1000% percent better, I got all of the green gunk off, you should be proud of me.

Colby : (looks at me really confused and he is serious) I don't know why you powerwashed the steps, they are just going to get green again when they cut the grass.

Me: excuse me? Are you suggesting I let the green gunk build up and never wash it off?

Colby: All I am saying is it doesn't make sense to wash them when they will just get dirty again

Me: who are you again? Beavis or Butthead, go sweep the garage!

Colby: Are you serious? Didn't I just do that in March......(loud groaning sound)

I am counting the days to College. He is only a Junior in HS and did I mention he has his permit.....I think I need some heart medication.
until tomorrow......

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Michelle said...

I'm with him - let the green gunk stay'll turn brown or black and you can call your place "vintage" - ha!