Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Reunion

I have no pictures to post but wanted to share my activities for the weekend. Every year my fathers side of the family get together for our annual family reunion. I didn't go last year because it always fell on my now ex husbands birthday weekend, but now I get to attend and I am so happy I went! They honored my dad because he was the next oldest in line to be recognized. Each year they honor the elders of the group. My dad will be 70 this year, he is not the oldest but he was the next in line to be recognized. I fear that I will be soon since they do this every year lol.
Well Jordan had a great time playing with her cousins. They rarely get together and each year my cousins and I say we have to get together more often, but we just never find the time. I will make it a priority this year to get together with family more often. As a child, the time with family hold some of my dearest memories. Sometimes we just let life get in the way and don't remember what is really important.
My plan today is to continue to organize my craft space so that when I am crafting I know where everything is! I am almost done organizing, then I will complete a set of cards, so I am determined to come back with a completed card today! Be back later :)

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