Friday, July 31, 2009

Masculine Card ~ Another Stationary Set

I am finally getting around to posting the masculine birthday card for my swap on SCS. The paper I was given to work with had a really masculine feel. I don't usually work with too much black and grey, so after coloring the little fur ball I thought the card needed something extra, so I gave it some bling lol, ok maybe not so masculine now but I tried!
I am also posting a picture of a stationary kit made with Paper Trey paper and ribbon (black and white - go figure). I made for a friend of mine who is going through a rough time. I hope this little surprise picks her up a bit, if only bringing a smile to her face and a happy moment to her day. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.
I have a nice weekend ahead, really nothing planned, just spending some time with a good friend. I am looking forward to it :)Last night I cooked him a special meal and he loved it! I was afraid it might not turn out so good because I had never made the dish before. It was delicious if I say so myself. He also gave me an idea to take pictures of my meals and create a recipe scrapbook....I am going to do that. I am in a recipe swap on SCS so that idea came at the right time. That is another hobby I want to get into (cooking that is), can that be considered a hobby? I only like to do it when I am not forced to.
Well August is here, enjoy every minute!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend fun!

I have been away at LBI for a few days and have not been online nor have I been crafting. Today I was shopping and paying bills, which determined that I should not be shopping! I should have paid the bills first then I wouldn't have gone to the store at all!
I did get some good deals though, so I am not complaining.
I have a few pics from our beach trip to share (no bikini's yet!) If you notice my dear daughter Jordan has managed to get in almost every picture! How did that happen? We stayed at my friends family summer home, it was a nice relaxing weekend. The beach weather was great! Jordan stayed in the water most of the day. My Godson, Peyton, also in the pics, is still afraid of the water but I know he will be a beach boy soon enough, I can see him surfing in about 10 years.
Tomorrow, I will be back at work, back to the grind for 3 days and then hopefully another Summer fun filled weekend. I am not ready to say summer is almost over, I am still enjoying each and every minute.
Going out for our summer night walk, will try to have at least a card to post for you tomorrow!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Power walk and Power wash Monday

I had a very full day today and got a lot accomplished. I started by going to the gym and running which quickly turned into a powerwalk. I thought I would ease into the jogging thing so I wouldn't embarrass myself by passing out on the treadmill, so I ran 1/2 mile ( a friend told me to start small and go 1 mile- are you kidding me?) I realized halfway through the half mile that I was panting heavily and wondered if the people nearby could hear my heavy breathing ( I had my ipod on so I had no idea how loud I was). The guy next to me kept looking at me, I thought perhaps I was disturbing him, but then I realized I didn't have my sports bra on (oops). Anyway, I did jog the 1/2 mile and then quickly reverted to a power walk, (I didn't want to look all wimpy in the gym) after another 15 minutes of power walking I figured I would give it another go and run to finish it off. I started sweating profusely and almost tripped on the treadmill,( I was favoring my right side) I played it off like I wanted to do it -( yeah right) and resumed my power walk. Afterward I lifted for another 45 minutes (OK perhaps it was more like 30 minutes) My plan is to return to the gym at 6 am to start day 2, I will fill you in on how that went tomorrow.

The gym gave me so much energy I came home and decided it was the perfect time to powerwash the steps to my walkout basement. The grass goes down there and they were literally green from the grass gunk, it was disgusting. They look 1000% better after 2 hours of hard work on my part. My son saw me covered in green gunk and water when I was done, I looked a sight and this was the dialogue, (keep in mind he has been sleeping all morning as I am out being superwoman);

Colby: (looks at me with disgust) what is that all over you? did you fall in the mud?

Me : The steps look 1000% percent better, I got all of the green gunk off, you should be proud of me.

Colby : (looks at me really confused and he is serious) I don't know why you powerwashed the steps, they are just going to get green again when they cut the grass.

Me: excuse me? Are you suggesting I let the green gunk build up and never wash it off?

Colby: All I am saying is it doesn't make sense to wash them when they will just get dirty again

Me: who are you again? Beavis or Butthead, go sweep the garage!

Colby: Are you serious? Didn't I just do that in March......(loud groaning sound)

I am counting the days to College. He is only a Junior in HS and did I mention he has his permit.....I think I need some heart medication.
until tomorrow......

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday

Hi guys, just wanted to post, I have not been on in a couple of days. I spent today with an old college friend. We had lunch and shopped all day. It is good to have friends that you don't see often but when you do finally meet up, it is like you just saw them yesterday. I have not seen Yolanda in probably over a year, she has been there for me through many ups and downs, she is a true friend. I only have a few of them, true friends that is and I treasure them dearly and will do anything for then. We had a great time catching up, although we do catch up frequently on the phone. We both have a shopping addiction so whenever we plan a meet up it always involves a mall of some sort :-D I hope everyone has a friend like that, it makes my heart smile to say I have a few and the do truly help me to get through. Life is good!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Card Swap for July

As promised, I finished this card for a swap on SCS, I am in two groups for this swap and I had to make 6 of these cards. I colored the images a couple of days ago but put it all together today. The other cards are upstairs drying then I will finish putting them together and they will be postal tomorrow. I love this image, it is the Anise Khetto from Stamping Bella, isn't she just adorable?

Family Reunion

I have no pictures to post but wanted to share my activities for the weekend. Every year my fathers side of the family get together for our annual family reunion. I didn't go last year because it always fell on my now ex husbands birthday weekend, but now I get to attend and I am so happy I went! They honored my dad because he was the next oldest in line to be recognized. Each year they honor the elders of the group. My dad will be 70 this year, he is not the oldest but he was the next in line to be recognized. I fear that I will be soon since they do this every year lol.
Well Jordan had a great time playing with her cousins. They rarely get together and each year my cousins and I say we have to get together more often, but we just never find the time. I will make it a priority this year to get together with family more often. As a child, the time with family hold some of my dearest memories. Sometimes we just let life get in the way and don't remember what is really important.
My plan today is to continue to organize my craft space so that when I am crafting I know where everything is! I am almost done organizing, then I will complete a set of cards, so I am determined to come back with a completed card today! Be back later :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am have been blog hopping and finding some neat things out there. I found a site to help give organization ideas, I love organizing, it is just hard to stay that way and follow a system, so I am hoping they have some good ideas to help me on my way.
I am also going to post my meal plan, which idealy this should be done on Monday's, today is Wednesday so i will start this one in the middle and Monday be right on track. Here Goes:
Wednesday - Turkey Burgers
Thursday - Shrimp and pasta with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms
Friday - Chicken Enchilada's (Colbys favorite!)
Saturday - Lemon Pepper chicken and Rice
Sunday - Deep fried Tilapia (gotta put that deep fryer to use!)
I will be on Monday with my new menu for next week!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well it is July already and I treasure each day in July and August, they are precious days and throughout childhood amongst my favorite! I hope my kids feel the same way. We have a weekend full of fun planned and I am looking forward to cookouts, fireworks, exploring new things with my family. I hope you are all spending some good quality Family time somewhere this weekend. I will be sure to post some pics, maybe not Monday but sometime next week for sure.
 I made myself sit down and complete these cards for my June, ( yes I said June) Bella swap! So sorry I am so late, I am usually way ahead on swaps. For some reason lately I feel more compelled to shop than to create, I hope I get out of that slump soon before I go broke. I can't post all that I have purchased in the last few weeks, you may think I am nuts. Aside from that I am on a budget (smile).
Well I hope you like my Bella's, I thought if I used the Bella lifting somehow I may be inspired myself....nope....hasn't happened yet, but I feel it coming.
I also posted two additional pic, one I got from my BOTB swap the other from my not so secret sister Sunshine! Thanks Sunshine, love me some Papertrey!
 Have a Happy 4th of July!