Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Has it been since May that I have been on here? I promised to write more and what do I do, write less. I have been super busy at work so I have not a minute to spare to blog. The good news is that Thursday is the last day for the students and then ....peace ... for a few weeks  anyway!
I went out last night with a friend to see a new artist at the World Live Cafe in Philly, the artist is Laura Izibor and her album comes out today, she was phenomenal! I meant to get her album but didn't get it today, I will soon. There a few songs on there that remind me a special someone :) Well in my night out we were having a ball until someone spilled red wine all over my white pants! Can you believe it, messed up my pants and new silk blouse from White House Black Market, I was not happy. I continued to enjoy the show and expected him to come up after to continue to apologize, he was no where around. He did leave me his card and asked me to send him the bill, which I did this morning, let's see if he follows through. 
In addition to having wine spilled on me, my tooth broke too! Perfect timing, as if I could take a day off in the last two days of school. Let us just pray that it does not start to hurt!
I am going backwards a little now, this past weekend I had a mini- fish fry with a friend. I am not one for friend foods but this fish was sooooo good! I can't begin to tell you. I know it is not healthy to eat too much that way but I enjoyed every bite, I think the scale has , moved up 2 pounds in a couple day so I need to get back on track.
I could continue to ramble on but I think I have said enough. I am going to take some pictures of the chipboard album I made this past weekend and post them later, I just love it! I signed up for another class.
Well until later, stay dry if you are in Jersey, this weather is horrible!

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