Sunday, June 21, 2009


I am posting two of the things I made in classes I have taken in June and May. I have been going one Sunday a month to The Scrappers Cove, a LSS, and taking a class. That has been a treat for myself. 
The first is a class is for a summer chipboard album using Acrylic and Chipboard. I LOVED this class and how the book turned out. It was a lot of work, especially this little mermaid, they used quickkutz and believe me there were lots of tiny pieces, but I love how it turned out and I can't wait to fill it with our summer adventures!

The next I was a bit disappointed, I signed up for a class thinking we were going to learn different coloring techniques using copics, that is how the class was advertised, instead we spent THREE hours creating this book...that we can use on our own to "Figure out" the different techniques. Not exactly what I had in mind. Lets see how long this stays empty lol, the book is cute, it has various paper mediums to experiment with, I am afraid to stamp in it for fear I will mess it up! It is still overall a really cute book!

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