Monday, June 22, 2009


Bliss ~ Noun~ complete joy, happiness or delight....
I am in a blissful state (smile) I am doing nothing because there is nothing I NEED to be doing right now. I am on the computer, blog hopping, listening to Laura Izibor, (if you haven't checked her out, stop sleeping, I am loving her music) read back a little I saw her live last week and she is no joke!
I am listening to her trying to decide my favorite song. I just cut some flowers from what I will call my flower garden, I LOVE FLOWERS! and I took a picture because they are a beautiful deep red color ~lilly, like the red wine I also LOVE. They don't last long so I cut them and brought them in. I also have pink , yellow and orange, they have not blossomed all of the way.

 I took a picture of my favorite flower in front, the blooms get lighter every year, I think I will buy another one of these hydrangea's. Love them too.  Although they are tricky too prune. 

I am not sure how long this blissful state will last, but I am loving it. Probably until 6:30 AM when my alarm goes off.  YES I said 6:30, to me summer hours have begun and I can sleep will 6:30 instead of the usual 5:30 AM.

Side note~ My cleaning lady was here today and she is so so funny, she has been cleaning for us for a while now but I rarely get to see her, she is usually here when I am working, I enjoyed our conversation. Just thought I would throw that in there. 

I probably should be upstairs creating something but in this blissful state I do what my muse tells me and he (yes its a guy...why not? ) has not told me to get up yet. So I am here just chillin' out enjoying time go by, every minute. I am so ecstatic to know that I can find happiness alone and that I depend on no one else to give it to me, and better yet no one can take it away... although that may seem common to most, for a long time I thought that my happiness depended on others, I am wiser now :) I hope you are all doing something you enjoy everyday! Something  just for you! Hugs......Roni

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