Friday, May 29, 2009


Happy Friday all! I have some me time so I am doing what I like to do, check some blogs out, look at some creations and just relax with a glass of red wine and some music. I should be asleep, catching up for some lost ZZZZ's but it is Friday night and who wants to sleep on a Friday night? Not that I am going out or anything, but I feel I will miss something if I take a nap and wake up Saturday morning. Either way I will be up at 5:30AM it is inevitable.    Colby is going to the movies with his friend, tomorrow is Jordan and Me all day. We will catch a movie, plant some flowers, go to the book store....yes we are corny, we LOVE the book store! I will squeeze some stamp time between all of the fun and it will be a great weekend! Sunday I have a copics class, I can't wait, I will be sure to take pictures and show you guys what I learn. I also have a book club day!
I hope to be back tomorrow with at least one card to post. If anyone has a good movie to recommend let me know!

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Sassy Scrapin' said...

Roni, I guess I am corny with you! I love books too! Hope yall had fun!