Saturday, April 4, 2009


I am so glad to have to people sign up for PIF already!
who have both joined in on the fun! These are great girls they belong to another group I am in on SCS, such big hearts!
I am glad to see you guys sign up so fast!
I have one more spot ladies so come and join us!

Today I have been spring cleaning, I already completed my garage! Cleaned and re-organized, it looks great! I wanted to get some yard work done but the wind is too strong. I am off next week, so I am hoping for some good weather to get out there. 
My son is going to the Dominican Republic for Spring Break, he is sooo sooo lucky! He is going with his dad, I have never been there but I do have my cruise to look forward to so I won't complain. My daughter is going to Alabama (not so fun) but she has horses down there so she will enjoy the trip. I will enjoy my quiet alone time. I don't think I have been alone for a week in the last 5 years! What ever will I do :)
Well back to stamping.....I mean cleaning!

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