Friday, April 3, 2009


I am trying something new and exciting and I hope you will join me. One thing that my mother taught me was to always do for others, it makes me happy to make others happy so I have recently joined a PIF thanks to
 I am inviting You to join in on the fun!
Here's how Pay It Forward works:
I've signed up with Crafting in Tataville
and committed to send the next 3 people who sign
up here with me on my blog a handmade item
and goodie package within 365 days.
By accepting my invitation to join, YOU agree to Pay It 
Forward to the next 3 people who sign up with you 
(on your blog) and send them something within 365
Want to join the fun and Pay It Forward?
I'd love to have you sign up
with me!!!
Please leave a contact email so I can confirm the
details with you.
Let's keep the PIF going strong!


Will Stamp For Food said...

Im so in :)

Morgaine said...

Count me in as well. (now to get this started on my blog too) :) Hugs!