Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Monday

Hi All, I got Happy mail on this rainy Monday. I was determined to not be down, I hate Monday's but I like Rainy days so it wasn't so bad.  I went to lunch with a friend, to a new restaurant in Cherry Hill Mall called Maggiano's. I had been to the one in Philly a while ago and was not that impressed but I figured it looked nice so I would give it another go. Well I had eggplant parm (OK all you BOB people, I know that is not on the diet LOL) so you can't really mess that up. It was  just ok, don't think I will be going back anytime soon. OK OK, I had dessert too! it was not even worth it and I only finished half, so so disappointing. Back to my Happy Mail, when I got back from the mall I had this big box sitting on my table waiting for me, I was so Happy. The picture shows the contents but let me share it anyway: Cooking Light magazine, sugar free life savers ( wanted to try these) some sugar free citrus and fruit punch gum, magenta stickles, pink rhinestones 2 eggs that sizzle in the bathtub, some pink ribbon, a trim your abs book, some crocheted buttons, like the ones in SU, all packed in that adorable altered bag. 
I love my BOB SS she always puts a lot of TLC in to the packages she sends to me.
I didn't mention this but I also spent $106 at the MAC store, I think I am going nuts, I could have made a stamp order! but a girl needs her essentials!

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