Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Hump Day

Well today is Wednesday, hump day and no new pics to post. I have not stamped all week! I have been so sick and I NEVER get sick. Ask any of my friends, I brag about it all of the time! How my kid get sick and I don't, I work in a school and NEVER get sick, well so much for that. I have Ny-Quil, Day-quil, tylenol cold am and pm, I am such a baby! At night it has been the worst because I can't sleep. I do feel that it is getting better, but it is taking me soooo long to beat this one. I have not worked out on the new Wii by the way, because I recently read an article in Shape Magazine that says if you are sick you should rest and not over exert yourself :) So I am resting smile, with a glass of wine tonight, which means I can not take my Tylenol Cold PM or my Ny-Quil, what the heck was I thinking? I have been sticking to my lo-carb diet. My BFF said to me today there is no way she will let me look better than her on our cruise, which leaves on July 4th! So let the games begin! I love a challenge! Did I say I have been doing good on my lo carb? Well she had chick fil a for lunch, ate all of her waffle fries and a large lemonade! Then went home for a longgggg nap! I will be sure to post pictures of the cruise.
Well, wish me luck.  The weather is supposed to get nicer so maybe I will recover and be able to enjoy some of it!

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