Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

Good Day All! Try to stay dry, it is pouring here. I am glad because we put fertilizer down Thursday and it says it should rain 2 to 3 days after, so PERFECT~ Today we are celebrating Easter with the family. I am going to see my 99 year old Nana and my mom and Aunt, and me and Jordan will be driving up the highway. Hey I just realized , only woman at this festivity. Colby is on his way to the Dominican as I type, hope he likes it
I don't have much news to report so instead of rambling on I am going to share some cards with you today. The first I made was kind of a copy cat card. I received this wonderful card from a swap made with the top note die cut and I decided to make one of my own. The only thing that is the same is the technique, the card I received was a Bella, this card is for my monthly card swap that I am in. Each month one person in the group sends everyone else a card kit and gives us a challenge and we each create our own version of the card. I have a very talented group of ladies so I always feel like I need to study before I create my card :) 
I think each month my cards get a little better but do not compare to some of theirs, they are fab!
Well I hope you enjoy my Happy Birthday Cupcake card. The image she sent is from TAC, I just love this card, I used puff paint for the cupcake, stickles and glaze for the cherry. It looks a little better  in person, makes me want a cupcake!


Sassy Scrapin' said...

NO CUPCAKES RONNI! LOL. The card is just precious, think I will have to case this one as well.

Michelle said...

That is a cute card - I have one just like that in the works...but I've gotten stuck - maybe I'll have to finish it....ha. Have a great weekend - - and stay away from the cupcakes; don't put off for tomorrow the dieting and life change that you can do today ;)

Morgaine said...

Very cute! Cupcakes are so cute to look at, but must be avoided to eat! hehe

Melissa Craig said...

So pretty Roni! I am glad I get one!!