Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy April

Hi all! I have been away for quite some time. I am sorry that I have not been updating, but it has been good that I have been keeping busy, keeping my mind off of negative things :)
Today is the first day for Spring Break! I can't wait to get some spring cleaning and STAMPING done. I have a list of items to make. Lately I have been signing up for a lot of "things" swaps, not really inspiring my creativity. Today I packed 5 boxes that I have to ship off tomorrow, all secret sister swaps and a couple birthday gifts to send  out. I am dreading that PO bill, perhaps I will just send half out, depending on the damage.
Clinique has a gift with purchase at Macy's, I went shopping today since I had a bit of down time. I only got what I went there for, I am so proud of myself sticking to my budget. This is a difficult thing to get used to when you are used to spending so much, so freely.
I joined a PIF on another blog, I will go get the info and bring it back here, I hope you all will join me!

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