Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flowers are blooming

Today was a sick day for me, my car had to be taken in, it died on me but we were able to revive it. I should be back in full force tomorrow!
My divorce is finally filed, bittersweet. Bitter in that it is never a happy occasion  that you made a mistake, sweet in that it is finally almost over (big cheesy smile) ! I am usually a bit more private about things like that but I am just happy it is almost over, so I thought I would share it with everyone, I have taken my name back (Cole) even though it is not official yet, it is in my mind, I have moved on :)
I have not stamped at all today, I was cleaning for the cleaning lady and now my grass is being cut by the yard guys. I think I will need some alimony to pay for all of this :) When they came to start cutting I was like again, already, weren't they like just here last week! But I guess that is the point, every week they will be here. There are like 5 of them and what used to take my ex 6 hours to do, takes them about 30 minutes and it looks much better :) Maybe one day soon I will get out and plant some more flowers. My flowers that come up every year have bloomed and look so pretty. I took a picture but they look better in person, (don't mind the grass and weeds, they have not come yet to re-mulch and clean up the beds LOL) I love my yard and my house, especially in the Spring! I hope to be creative soon, so I have some things to share. I think I may have some time this weekend, I have to finish a stationary set up.
Have to go clean for the cleaning lady now, be back soon.... promise!


Sassy Scrapin' said...

Sorry to hear about your car Roni. Keep your head up over the big D thing, we all make mistakes, we just have to learn from them Take care of you girl!

Sassy Scrapin' said...

PS your flowers are gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Looks like spring for sure - green grass and flowers - yipppeeeeeeee -- enjoy!