Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 Minute Cards

This has been a very busy week at work. We are doing the State testing and it is very draining to say the least. In addition to that I had a GNO last night and we didn't hang out too late but afterwards I did too much talking (although it was good conversation) and too little sleeping!  I wanted nothing more than to come home today to a nice warm bubble bath and a glass of wine. But I had some blog catching up to do. I found this 30 minute card challenge on the "Fun Frilled" sight and decided to give it a try. This card took less than 30 minutes. I used the card base from a box of cards that I thought were all glitter, it turned out only about 10 of the 40 were, but this card is using one of the green glitter bases. I love bling and glitter and anything girly, so using my scraps on my craft table, I came up with this card. I also knew I would not have time to color so the focus of the card is the sentiment. I never realized how much easier it is when you don't have to color! These are my favorite colors, it took  me less than 30 to complete and post, wow I need a pat on the back for this one ....Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flowers are blooming

Today was a sick day for me, my car had to be taken in, it died on me but we were able to revive it. I should be back in full force tomorrow!
My divorce is finally filed, bittersweet. Bitter in that it is never a happy occasion  that you made a mistake, sweet in that it is finally almost over (big cheesy smile) ! I am usually a bit more private about things like that but I am just happy it is almost over, so I thought I would share it with everyone, I have taken my name back (Cole) even though it is not official yet, it is in my mind, I have moved on :)
I have not stamped at all today, I was cleaning for the cleaning lady and now my grass is being cut by the yard guys. I think I will need some alimony to pay for all of this :) When they came to start cutting I was like again, already, weren't they like just here last week! But I guess that is the point, every week they will be here. There are like 5 of them and what used to take my ex 6 hours to do, takes them about 30 minutes and it looks much better :) Maybe one day soon I will get out and plant some more flowers. My flowers that come up every year have bloomed and look so pretty. I took a picture but they look better in person, (don't mind the grass and weeds, they have not come yet to re-mulch and clean up the beds LOL) I love my yard and my house, especially in the Spring! I hope to be creative soon, so I have some things to share. I think I may have some time this weekend, I have to finish a stationary set up.
Have to go clean for the cleaning lady now, be back soon.... promise!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Hump Day

Well today is Wednesday, hump day and no new pics to post. I have not stamped all week! I have been so sick and I NEVER get sick. Ask any of my friends, I brag about it all of the time! How my kid get sick and I don't, I work in a school and NEVER get sick, well so much for that. I have Ny-Quil, Day-quil, tylenol cold am and pm, I am such a baby! At night it has been the worst because I can't sleep. I do feel that it is getting better, but it is taking me soooo long to beat this one. I have not worked out on the new Wii by the way, because I recently read an article in Shape Magazine that says if you are sick you should rest and not over exert yourself :) So I am resting smile, with a glass of wine tonight, which means I can not take my Tylenol Cold PM or my Ny-Quil, what the heck was I thinking? I have been sticking to my lo-carb diet. My BFF said to me today there is no way she will let me look better than her on our cruise, which leaves on July 4th! So let the games begin! I love a challenge! Did I say I have been doing good on my lo carb? Well she had chick fil a for lunch, ate all of her waffle fries and a large lemonade! Then went home for a longgggg nap! I will be sure to post pictures of the cruise.
Well, wish me luck.  The weather is supposed to get nicer so maybe I will recover and be able to enjoy some of it!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blog candy Stardust gems and ribbon

OK I have no idea how to link a picture yet but I just signed up for some blog candy, go check it out!


Happy Easter to All!
I hope you have a Blessed Day with Family and Friends!
I meant to post these cards yesterday, but forgot , so here are some cards I made for my Bella Swap a couple of months ago! 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

Good Day All! Try to stay dry, it is pouring here. I am glad because we put fertilizer down Thursday and it says it should rain 2 to 3 days after, so PERFECT~ Today we are celebrating Easter with the family. I am going to see my 99 year old Nana and my mom and Aunt, and me and Jordan will be driving up the highway. Hey I just realized , only woman at this festivity. Colby is on his way to the Dominican as I type, hope he likes it
I don't have much news to report so instead of rambling on I am going to share some cards with you today. The first I made was kind of a copy cat card. I received this wonderful card from a swap made with the top note die cut and I decided to make one of my own. The only thing that is the same is the technique, the card I received was a Bella, this card is for my monthly card swap that I am in. Each month one person in the group sends everyone else a card kit and gives us a challenge and we each create our own version of the card. I have a very talented group of ladies so I always feel like I need to study before I create my card :) 
I think each month my cards get a little better but do not compare to some of theirs, they are fab!
Well I hope you enjoy my Happy Birthday Cupcake card. The image she sent is from TAC, I just love this card, I used puff paint for the cupcake, stickles and glaze for the cherry. It looks a little better  in person, makes me want a cupcake!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Monday

Hi All, I got Happy mail on this rainy Monday. I was determined to not be down, I hate Monday's but I like Rainy days so it wasn't so bad.  I went to lunch with a friend, to a new restaurant in Cherry Hill Mall called Maggiano's. I had been to the one in Philly a while ago and was not that impressed but I figured it looked nice so I would give it another go. Well I had eggplant parm (OK all you BOB people, I know that is not on the diet LOL) so you can't really mess that up. It was  just ok, don't think I will be going back anytime soon. OK OK, I had dessert too! it was not even worth it and I only finished half, so so disappointing. Back to my Happy Mail, when I got back from the mall I had this big box sitting on my table waiting for me, I was so Happy. The picture shows the contents but let me share it anyway: Cooking Light magazine, sugar free life savers ( wanted to try these) some sugar free citrus and fruit punch gum, magenta stickles, pink rhinestones 2 eggs that sizzle in the bathtub, some pink ribbon, a trim your abs book, some crocheted buttons, like the ones in SU, all packed in that adorable altered bag. 
I love my BOB SS she always puts a lot of TLC in to the packages she sends to me.
I didn't mention this but I also spent $106 at the MAC store, I think I am going nuts, I could have made a stamp order! but a girl needs her essentials!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Sunday everyone, can you believe it, I think I posted 3 days in a row, see I promised I would be on more often! Yesterday turned out to be a non spring cleaning day and turned into a stamping day. I am in a monthly card swap for Bella's ( I probably mentioned this before) well I decided to use Patricia Birthdaycake Chichiboulie fairy stamp this month, I think she is so adorable! I was given this as a gift from an SCS'er ,(lots of good folks over there)  I also got to open a pack of my Papertrey quidelines paper in purple. I love Papertrey paper! Of  course I have so much SU paper, my base and coordinating card stock are all SU, love them too! (even though I am no longer a demonstrator) I colored this fairy in with my copic markers, and added some accents with my glaze pens. I used a flower eyelet (given to me from my not so secret, secret sis) and finished it off with some SU ribbon. Hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun-Frilled challenge

FunFrilled has a challenge to win a great prize, I can never pass up on a perfect opportunity to get some free stamping supplies. I had this card started a while ago but had just colored the image, because it was fun and silly and I was having a fun and silly day! I had no idea what I would do with it, but along came this opportunity to use it on Michelle's April Fools challenge! When will you ever see a cow dancing down the street with chickens! April fools! LOL, ok I know that is silly, but this is a silly card challenge and I LOVE IT! Hope you like my card. The cow is colored using SU markers then fun flock on the body (Love fun flock) and why not use fun flock on a fun card, ok, enough corny I know :) Wish me luck~hope I win :)

PS Have you noticed I did not resume my spring cleaning tehehe


I am so glad to have to people sign up for PIF already!
who have both joined in on the fun! These are great girls they belong to another group I am in on SCS, such big hearts!
I am glad to see you guys sign up so fast!
I have one more spot ladies so come and join us!

Today I have been spring cleaning, I already completed my garage! Cleaned and re-organized, it looks great! I wanted to get some yard work done but the wind is too strong. I am off next week, so I am hoping for some good weather to get out there. 
My son is going to the Dominican Republic for Spring Break, he is sooo sooo lucky! He is going with his dad, I have never been there but I do have my cruise to look forward to so I won't complain. My daughter is going to Alabama (not so fun) but she has horses down there so she will enjoy the trip. I will enjoy my quiet alone time. I don't think I have been alone for a week in the last 5 years! What ever will I do :)
Well back to stamping.....I mean cleaning!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I am trying something new and exciting and I hope you will join me. One thing that my mother taught me was to always do for others, it makes me happy to make others happy so I have recently joined a PIF thanks to
 I am inviting You to join in on the fun!
Here's how Pay It Forward works:
I've signed up with Crafting in Tataville
and committed to send the next 3 people who sign
up here with me on my blog a handmade item
and goodie package within 365 days.
By accepting my invitation to join, YOU agree to Pay It 
Forward to the next 3 people who sign up with you 
(on your blog) and send them something within 365
Want to join the fun and Pay It Forward?
I'd love to have you sign up
with me!!!
Please leave a contact email so I can confirm the
details with you.
Let's keep the PIF going strong!

Happy April

Hi all! I have been away for quite some time. I am sorry that I have not been updating, but it has been good that I have been keeping busy, keeping my mind off of negative things :)
Today is the first day for Spring Break! I can't wait to get some spring cleaning and STAMPING done. I have a list of items to make. Lately I have been signing up for a lot of "things" swaps, not really inspiring my creativity. Today I packed 5 boxes that I have to ship off tomorrow, all secret sister swaps and a couple birthday gifts to send  out. I am dreading that PO bill, perhaps I will just send half out, depending on the damage.
Clinique has a gift with purchase at Macy's, I went shopping today since I had a bit of down time. I only got what I went there for, I am so proud of myself sticking to my budget. This is a difficult thing to get used to when you are used to spending so much, so freely.
I joined a PIF on another blog, I will go get the info and bring it back here, I hope you all will join me!