Monday, March 16, 2009

Hi everyone! OK Michelle, here I am! Sorry I was not posting, I was not on the PHONE!!! LOL I was actually busy trying to get some cards done for a swap I am in, can you believe it? I am still taking photos with my blackberry and cant export the pics for some reason. I am going to try to attach it tomorrow at work. I am very proud of myself, I packaged up 3 swaps today, a Easter 30 day swap that I am hosting, a secret sister monthly swap, a card kit swap and these fabulous cards! They are all going postal tomorrow. They were supposed to go today but I had problems focusing at work, can you believe it? I do have a lot going on. My Saturday night surprise was not much of a surprise afterall, so not much to share. I did spend some time this weekend with a good friend so that is always a good thing. I am not sticking to my diet but plan on re starting agin tomorrow so I look good on the Bermuda cruise! Boy, can you tell how excited I am about that? Well it is after my bedtime but after Michelle yelled at me I just had to follow through and post. I can't even post on this at work, they block everything so I have to take pictures with my camera and download them tomorrow....promise! 
I am headed to the gym tomorrow but I do hope to play a little before the week is over and I promise to be on here more...really!


MadcapFrenzy said...

Hugs hun!
Also, you're in my top 10 favs here

Michelle said...

LOL - this had me laughing... You're taking pics on your phone and posting to your blog? You don't have a "normal" camera? What's this "I'm not sticking to my diet" stuff about? Get with the program, girl! - think of how hot you'll be on that cruise.