Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coffee Bella and book club!

OK, These were actually taken with a real camera and I figured out how to attach them using this I MAC! Do I get any points for that ? I hope my few followers enjoy the cards, now that I sort of know how to attach photos perhaps I will show you more of my work LOL .
These were made for a coffee and tea card swap that I am in on SCS. Well these were the two extras, I don't think I used the same paper on the others but the image is the same.
What's going on with everyone today? I have a book club meeting and I need to go finish reading the book! It was not my choice of novels, but that is what is special about book club, you get to read books you would never have chosen yourself, broadens your knowledge a bit I guess. Well it is fun meeting with the girls once a month to have a few drinks, some finger foods and talking about whatever! Oh Yeah, and the book tehehe.  We have been doing this or three years now, I started it when I first moved into the development, most of our original members are still with us. A few dropped out and we added a couple more. Well enough about book club, gotta go read, hope you enjoyed my card! Have a wonderful Sunday~Roni


Morgaine said...

cute. I love the dot DP. (I love polka dots). That's a cute bella too!

Will Stamp For Food said...

I love them! Which coffee swap? I am in Susans that is due in June and a canadian one hosted by tropical... something.

Michelle said...

A REAL CAMERA!! Yippppeee - look at you all hi-tech - LOL This is a cute one...I love Bellas.

Sassy Scrapin' said...

Very cute card! Love the Bellas!