Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coffee Bella and book club!

OK, These were actually taken with a real camera and I figured out how to attach them using this I MAC! Do I get any points for that ? I hope my few followers enjoy the cards, now that I sort of know how to attach photos perhaps I will show you more of my work LOL .
These were made for a coffee and tea card swap that I am in on SCS. Well these were the two extras, I don't think I used the same paper on the others but the image is the same.
What's going on with everyone today? I have a book club meeting and I need to go finish reading the book! It was not my choice of novels, but that is what is special about book club, you get to read books you would never have chosen yourself, broadens your knowledge a bit I guess. Well it is fun meeting with the girls once a month to have a few drinks, some finger foods and talking about whatever! Oh Yeah, and the book tehehe.  We have been doing this or three years now, I started it when I first moved into the development, most of our original members are still with us. A few dropped out and we added a couple more. Well enough about book club, gotta go read, hope you enjoyed my card! Have a wonderful Sunday~Roni

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hi everyone! OK Michelle, here I am! Sorry I was not posting, I was not on the PHONE!!! LOL I was actually busy trying to get some cards done for a swap I am in, can you believe it? I am still taking photos with my blackberry and cant export the pics for some reason. I am going to try to attach it tomorrow at work. I am very proud of myself, I packaged up 3 swaps today, a Easter 30 day swap that I am hosting, a secret sister monthly swap, a card kit swap and these fabulous cards! They are all going postal tomorrow. They were supposed to go today but I had problems focusing at work, can you believe it? I do have a lot going on. My Saturday night surprise was not much of a surprise afterall, so not much to share. I did spend some time this weekend with a good friend so that is always a good thing. I am not sticking to my diet but plan on re starting agin tomorrow so I look good on the Bermuda cruise! Boy, can you tell how excited I am about that? Well it is after my bedtime but after Michelle yelled at me I just had to follow through and post. I can't even post on this at work, they block everything so I have to take pictures with my camera and download them tomorrow....promise! 
I am headed to the gym tomorrow but I do hope to play a little before the week is over and I promise to be on here more...really!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Monday

Hi everyone, it has been a while, I can't believe I still have that snow day picture up there. I don't have much to post, I scrapped a little this weekend, helped my brothers girlfriend ( Hi Martine!) make a scrapbook for her friends party. I didn't make any cards...sigh. I have two swaps to complete but have no idea when I will get to them. I did buy some new curtains for my craft room, I love them! They are too dark to take a picture of but they are from one of my favorite stores, Pier One. Jordan is at brownies now and I am waiting to pick her up. Lately I have been spending A LOT of time on the phone at night, so  I am soooo tired! Especially with losing an hour to daylight savings time, but it's all worth it, I will tell you later why :)
I am looking forward to Spring, I am doing well on my diet, and somewhat well with my workout routine! OK, well not so good but I am still going, tomorrow I will be back with my personal trainer and that means sore for a few days AGAIN! The future looks very promising and I am enjoying life to the fullest! My BFF since elementary school is treating me to a cruise in July, this is a cheer my up cruise, although she doesn't know that I am already cheered up shhhhhhhhh.. I love her to death, she is the sister I never had. I can't wait for the cruise! Something to work towards and perhaps to think of when I decide I don't want to go to the gym!
Well, I promise to write more and post some pics soon! 

Monday, March 2, 2009

View from my window....

SNOW DAY! YAYYYY! I only wish the kids had school LOL. Well Colby is sick and I still made him snow blow, wow, I am a terrible mom. He is coming down with a cold and you know how men are, they get a cold and it is the end of the world. So I gave him some Tylenol, told him to put his gloves on get moving. He did an ok job, not the best, but not the worst! It is only 11:00 and Jordan has been outside in the snow several times, now I am making her do some school work and she is not a happy camper. She will thank me later in life. Now I have to go wrap some of my swaps, I have several going postal tomorrow and then I will hopefully have time to make some cards so I can share them with you! If you are in North East, I hope you are enjoying the clean white snow, it won't last long....